Expect these challenges when your business grows.

Your business grows with the time; and

So as the size of your business teams
So as the size of your supporting teams
So as the size of your IT infrastructure
So as the diversity of your IT infrastructure

Growth is usually a multi-faceted element of your business.

One facet of the growth is adding new services or products you deliver to your customers from whom you anticipate new revenue streams; probably this is the job of your R&D teams.

Another facet of the growth is delivering your services to your customers through your Service Delivery and Operations teams;

Yet another facet of the growth is delivering the back-end infrastructure and personnel services through different support teams – be it Information Technology, HR or any other department;

So, as you reach new heights, it is not just sufficient to have highly-skilled individuals to run your business and technical teams, but it is strongly desired that you need defined processes and techniques in place to support your individual team members perform to their fullest in a team. You need similar technology backbone to connect all your disparate IT assets to get the best out of your investments.

What was right a few years ago when your business had started might not be right now.

The guy who had started the business and was taking the sales orders on his work book may now be a CEO or COO who would like to see all the Sales Orders being taken by his Sales Team, sitting at his desk and with a single mouse click. The core business team, who were discussing their customer operations in a small and untidy office room and dispersing with action items, may possibly now be heading tens or hundreds of customer accounts and they need standardized and innovative ways of tasks assignments and action items and these processes need to be backed up by sophisticated technology.

The Spreadsheet application that was the cutting-edge technology to meet most of your data management needs might be thing-to-bury now. The Java application that your first IT hire had developed and all those scattered software tools his successors had developed in their own favorite languages might be causing nightmares in doing the background job of running the business. These may possibly creating new set of problems but escaping the attention of the management.

Be it “getting the best of your people” or “getting the best of your IT”, what you need is an “answer” that gets the “synergy of the individuals – individual people and individual IT applications”. Now, this is where that beautiful question comes out. WHAT IS THAT “ANSWER”? Is your answer ‘a process’? Or, is that answer ‘a tool’? It actually depends on what exactly you are trying to challenge and solve.

So, be it a tool or be it a process – what it should take into account is not just the challenges in hand but also other potential challenges that you anticipate from all your experience of running the business so far. Otherwise you would just be running behind the same clock every time you hit a new problem and would not be doing a justified job in re-architecting your business processes.

Well, we will talk about different scenarios where a process will do the job without a tool or where a process alone will not be sufficient to do the job without a tool. These may be the topics for our future blogs. But in short it is all about streamlining and then accelerating different actions from your Human and IT assets.


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