SoftPath Technologies’ BPM implementation methodology, is it different from others?

Let’s look that from two fronts, technical and project management.

On the technical front, SoftPath Technologies understands that most of the BPM projects are more of re-engineering in nature than engineering. So, it needs a different discipline in planning and implementation. We understand that we would not have the luxury of redesigning or rewriting a number of software components because of the production limitations and so it matters a lot that our teams thoroughly understand the difference between practical and ideal solutions. Continuity of business is of paramount importance while a new BPM system is being designed for the improved levels of quality in meeting various sustenance and scale-up objectives of the business. It becomes a mandate to train our architects and engineers to wear business hats while doing the best wearing their technical hats.

On the Project Management and Cost Front, most importantly, there are no unique solutions. The methodology to be followed depends on various factors like – clarity of requirements, deadlines set by the business, budget limitations and the availability of the resources (both human and technical). It always helps to define a yardstick for success with SMART objectives, Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time-bound. This also forms clear understanding between business and technical groups. As to the PM practices, there are primarily three practices that we suggest to our clients, explaining the pros and cons of each methodology and explaining the scenarios that help us make a right choice – a) Waterfall, fit for small projects with high-level of clarity in the requirements. b) Agile, cost is no bar, end objectives are more or less clear, requirements can be refined as project progresses. Practical when in-house teams implement BPM projects or Implementation vendor has already developed good trust with the client. c) Mix of Waterfall and Agile, this is more common and in the best interests of both the Vendor and the Client. The understanding is that the objectives are clear, but offers required level of flexibility with the requirements and cost. This usually starts with a high-level plan and ballpark estimations and then followed by Iterative Development.


SoftPath Technologies enables companies embrace Digital Revolution. We offer expertise in the area Mobile and Cloud (MWaas, PaaS, DBaaS) Business Process Management, Technology Integrations, SOA and Enterprise Content Management. We help our clients optimize cost, increase revenue, improve customer retention and increase customer satisfaction. For more information on our products and services please visit

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