How SoftPath Technologies’ solutions impacted customer businesses.

Here are two specific examples of how SoftPath Technologies solutions impacted business outcome, one from the government and another from the finance vertical.

In the first instance, SoftPath Technologies worked with a Federal Agency to automate their Document Management process end-to-end by delivering seamless integration of Workflow and Security policies of the client in a unified SharePoint solution. This solution resulted in accelerated document sharing process through automated infrastructure, replacement of paper-based documents and at the same time maintaining the desired level of information security, easy-to-use IT infrastructure through Intranet Portal and improved executive and employee satisfaction levels.

To read the complete success story click here.

We also partnered with a US based payment processing company to streamline the merchant boarding process end-to-end, reduce the merchant boarding process time from 2 weeks to 2-3 days and create a built in notification/escalation mechanism in the process. We worked with the client’s project team and accelerated Merchant Boarding process through automated infrastructure, increased business resiliency through proactive error handling and notification mechanism and improved customer service levels.

Click here to read complete case study.


SoftPath Technologies enables companies embrace Digital Revolution. We offer expertise in the area Mobile and Cloud (MWaas, PaaS, DBaaS) Business Process Management, Technology Integrations, SOA and Enterprise Content Management. We help our clients optimize cost, increase revenue, improve customer retention and increase customer satisfaction. For more information on our products and services please visit

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