BPM + Mobile + Cognitive computing capabilities – next BIG wave?

Organizations medium to large who have successfully implemented BPM and reaping its benefits today need to ask themselves whether they are equipped with mobile and cognitive computing capabilities which is the next big wave in customer acquisition and customer service.

With right components, together with a killer BPM implementation strategy, Organizations can increase their revenue by quickly aligning their internal processes as per changing customer requirements where future trend of customers is more inclined towards utilizing organizations’ services over mobile. In this process whole lot of data is collected which can be leveraged by Cognitive computing systems1 that analyze, learn customer behavior and services provided to customer and quickly auto respond to customer in specific use cases reducing organizations’ efforts to engage with their customers.

Let us at look at how BPM together with Mobile and Cognitive computing forms a complete end-to-end solution for increased customer adoption.

Stand-alone BPM solution

We will take an example from Pharma industry where an enterprise provides services such as doctor appointments, medicine delivery to customers over web. This company can improve its internal processes to serve customers efficiently by deploying a BPM solution. But this may not be sufficient as majority of customers today want access to services on the go using their mobile preferably a mobile app, this is evident with the increased mobile adoption by customers in the recent years2.

BPM Solution with Mobile app

Now if the same enterprise had known that to stay ahead with the competition and most importantly acquire and retain more customers, it needs to provide its services over mobile and had successfully rolled out a mobile app it can clearly see growth in utilization of its services such as increased appointments and medicine orders over mobile app. Enterprise can also utilize mobile app to on-board customers and doctors as well. BPM needs to be integrated with the mobile app to seamlessly change the services as and when required. Focus to be drawn towards customer journey and experience in using Enterprise services over mobile app to increase customer engagement and thereby revenue to the Enterprise.

BPM Solution together with Mobile app and Cognitive computing

As the customers come with various profiles like health condition, disease type, gender, age, location providing personalized recommendations to them or directing them to specific doctors can increase the service utilization and act as a unique offering, it can also position the company as a market differentiator. This can be achieved by having a cognitive computing system in place which reads all the data related to customers – their mobile usage and behavior towards services, analyze them, learn from it and provide automated and personalized recommendations. Few recommendations can be in the form of analysis, for e.g., success rate of a particular doctor in treating customers with specific illness that directs new customers with same illness to him, enterprises can also get insight on which medicine work best for a particular illness, which location to focus on to on-board more doctors etc. Cognitive computing also helps companies to know which services need to be improved and where to focus on so that the same can be worked out in BPM.


Having gone through how each component impacts the overall customer journey which is directly linked to enterprise revenue, we can conclude that the faster an enterprise incorporates all the mentioned components the sooner it can showcase its differentiation and increase customer adoption.

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  2. Mobile usage – https://www.comscore.com/Insights/Blog/Mobile-Internet-Usage-Skyrockets-in-Past-4-Years-to-Overtake-Desktop-as-Most-Used-Digital-Platform
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