Enterprise content management, today’s outlook.

ECM has become extremely important for organizations across industries over the years. ECM technology platforms like information management, business intelligence/business analytics, archiving, image processing or any other integrated technologies help organizations use available information in business decision making. Apart from the above mentioned ECM platforms, there have been growing number of technologies which are now under the gamut of ECM that help organizations manage the ever-growing volumes of data effectively.

In majority of organizations large part of data is unstructured. This makes it very important for organizations to have a specialist ECM vendor to transform this enormous data to relevant content for them to easily access and target the right set of customers. Considering customer engagement is becoming a major challenge, it leaves organizations with no room but to have ECM technologies to target the customers with personalized content and thereby enhance customer experience.

Organizations today are aware of a growing need to manage data and are constantly evaluating their existing vendors while in pursuit of new vendors to cater to all their data/content management requirements. On the other hand, ECM vendors have evolved over years and are now offering a comprehensive package of technologies which includes content analytics, information management, digital asset management, file sharing, document management, records management, archiving, web content management and many data management technologies.

Leading ECM vendors such as IBM, HP, EMC and Microsoft offer the entire basket of ECM technologies while other players in this space like Open Text, Alfresco, SharePoint are primarily focused around content management, document management and collaboration. ECM vendors are now continuously striving to offer latest content management technologies which in turn is leaving the organizations with more than enough choice to pick vendors whose offerings are best suited for their business requirements.


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