A business case for Hybrid Cloud.

In their strategy to pursue a viable business technology CEOs of today’s global enterprises are tasking their CIOs to evaluate if aggregation of existing IT infrastructure with a cloud services can lead to the creation of optimal blended IT environment addressing the key business needs of the enterprises.

According to the study done by IBM center of Applied Insights, organizations are moving towards a hybrid of traditional IT infrastructure and cloud services offerings to address dynamic needs with key business priorities.
This study based on the survey of around 500 hybrid cloud decision makers found that primary goal for cloud adoption is improving productivity, the other important factors being risk reduction, cost minimization and scalability. In addition hybrid cloud offers the flexibility of what data or workload to keep on – premises and what to move to the cloud.

After a detailed analysis of the survey, the respondents were segregated into three major groups namely frontrunners, challengers and chasers depending on the sophistication and management capabilities of their cloud deployments and the strategy advantage realized from their hybrid investments.

Frontrunners are early adopters gaining competitive advantage with their integrated and mature process of managing their environments resulting in high visibility and control. Challengers have started on this journey but are some way away from unified control of their hybrid deployment and chasers are still long way from deriving competitive advantage and are in early stages of integration and control of their deployments.

Along with the benefits of increase in productivity, op- ex reduction and optimization of IT investment, Frontrunners are more effective in business innovation, either getting new product offering or foraying into new markets largely on the back of their hybrid cloud deployment. Additionally Frontrunners are considered a better bet to bring in new business model.

Frontrunners having achieved visible progress in hybrid cloud deployment still have major challenges confronting them, getting and retaining trained technical staff is one of the prominent ones along with management complexity and security. They realize that with better planning and holistic approach they stand a better chance against these challenges.

Frontrunners understand the decision making culture plays a pivotal role in the success of hybrid deployment, the complexity of the hybrid environment requires collaborative approach wherein senior IT managers along with business leaders decide on the way forward for IT investment.

For more details please visit – http://www.cloudcomputing-news.net/news/2016/jul/05/the-business-case-for-hybrid-cloud-services-adoption/


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