Emerging trends in enterprise mobility.

Writing for the Network World, Linda Musthaler – principal analyst with Essential Solutions Corp expounds on the four major trends in enterprise mobility whose impact will be hard to ignore in the coming years. This after talking to Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy for MobileIron the go-to guy for insights on mobility in enterprise.

These trends point to  major developments in application security, cloud and mobile, convergence of desktop and mobile, and compliance environment impacting how enterprises shape and adopt to mobility in the coming years.

Enterprises betting big on mobile applications have started investing on applications around workflow making security one of the major concerns, The AppConfig Community – a new security initiative launched at Mobile World Congress this year is spearheading the undertaking to consolidate a standard approach to application configuration and management making it simpler for developers to implement a dependable set of controls keeping the business requirements in mind. This initiative is already becoming quite popular with the developer community since first time developers have one place to go for the tools, schema and best practices to build secure enterprise mobile applications.

The second trend, Ojas Rege talks about is the move to cloud when mobile device is the front end, this development makes it imperative to secure the device and application from the front  as there is data local to the device. But all these time the discussion was on making the cloud secure and authenticating the user accessing the cloud. With this turnaround, a security or a access control facility is necessary to make sure the device is secure and the application is secure. Only if both are secure should the authentication request get passed on to the identity and access management system. The user should be denied from accessing enterprising data from cloud if it is an unauthorized device or an application. MobileIron with its MobileIron Access is poised to play a major role when this trend develops to business requirement.

With Microsoft scheduled to release new capabilities, a move expected to dim the line between desktop OS and a mobile OS, thus making the convergence of desktop and mobile, a major trend in the coming years.

The fourth trend is concerned with compliance and this as to do with baseline for security moving from discretionary to being part of core compliance model, this drive is largely pushed by state of California and center of Internet security,

These above trends will make mobile computing a lot more robust and secure in the coming years.

To read more on this please visit – http://www.networkworld.com/article/3069949/mobile-wireless/four-major-trends-in-enterprise-mobility.html


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