Will 2016 be the year of Cognitive Computing?

David Burton, Head of Analytics at Innovative Enterprises, writing for his company’s on-line channel tries to answer if this year could be the year of cognitive computing. The reason he believes this is because of the huge investments companies like IBM are making on cognitive computing. IBM by launching a 2000 employee consulting unit and with plans to train another 25000 IBM consultants on cognitive computing is betting big on cognitive based systems namely IBM Watson.

Cognitive systems differ from the traditional systems in the sense that they are basically Artificial Intelligence (AI) which ingests Big Data using data mining, pattern recognition and ability to process natural language to self-learn. This ability of cognitive systems to self-learn is similar as to how human brain works along with its ability to understand natural language questions and return understandable answers. This is possible due to classified libraries built around specific domain which makes it distinct from the traditional computer system and much more alike to human system.

But as John Kelly, Senior Vice President, IBM, says, cognitive systems are not built to think for humans rather it is attempt to augment the thinking prowess of humans making humans think better. And he believes that in the coming days cognitive systems will be ingrained in IT solutions and other systems to provide them the ability to self-learn thus making them understand the effects of actions and help in providing better solutions.

The applications of cognitive systems are many and mostly in areas where human reasoning and contextual data is of utmost value. And for businesses, cognitive systems will enhance the efficiency of the whole system by providing useful insights to the data collected.

David Burton ends his article by citing the misgivings some people have about the cognitive systems especially its applications to complex situations where there are no clear yes/no answers but only optimal answers. He answers that these systems can only advise people and the final option rests ultimately in human hands. But he is hopeful that cognitive systems will reach it potential as data sharing across the world and data traceability is growing which will provide information to grow the cognitive systems.

For more on this visit: https://channels.theinnovationenterprise.com/articles/is-2016-the-year-of-cognitive-computing


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