IoT in Healthcare – great opportunities, some caution.

Kayla Matthews, technical writer and blogger, in an article on IoT in a Big Data magazine, talks about the benefits and perils of application of IoT in healthcare.

Conceding that the numerous uses of IoT in healthcare can drastically alter the industry, she expands on the pros-and-cons of IoT.

Cloud Data and Predictive Analysis
Pros – Deployment of IoT allows for the proper collection, storage and management of data and can be used to make useful predictive analysis like disease outbreaks, diagnostic trends etc., which at present is not possible since the medical devices even though are collecting massive amounts of data, starting from vital signs to demographic information of patients, is raw and unamicable for further research and analysis.

Cons – A few aspects of IoT technology which lends for easy adoption and convenience can also be used to breach patient privacy which is a matter of concern.

Improved patient care and assistance
Pros – IoT devices are already in use in various hospitals for improved care of patients like blood glucose monitoring, remote monitoring of discharged patients still requiring care, smart pills and smart beds which tells when the patients move or leaves their bed, all these devices are aiding patient care and helps hospitals to optimize their resources and maximize care.

Con – Securing the IoT devices is of utmost importance since unsecured devices can be turned into “botnet“ to enable hackers to mount an attack on the servers using various IP addresses.

IoT technology is helping health care teams in providing improved care to patients and contributes to efficiency of hospitals but calls for more caution to be taken to minimize the disadvantages of this technology by enhancing the security aspects and by bringing sufficient safeguards for protecting patient’s privacy.

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