Increased customer satisfaction with IBM Watson

Organizations strive hard to maintain the competitive advantage they have over their competitors. It is difficult to predict what exactly affects their business as there are too many factors involved. The well known and most common are regulations, macroeconomics and technology.

There is very little that an organization can do in case of regulations and economic factors, but organizations can certainly create a difference and maintain competitive edge by adapting the technologies that best address their business needs.

Data analytics and Big Data are technologies that organizations cannot afford not paying heed to. In a recent presentation on Reliance Jio, Mukesh Ambani, Group Chairman, remarked “data is the new oil”.  Organizations have realized the importance of exploring and exploiting the data and have invested in cognitive and big data technologies to ensure competitive advantage.

IBM, being one of the early entrants in this space, has identified the enormous potential of cognitive technologies and offer cognitive intelligence through its various applications and solutions. With more and more customers inclined towards digital and individualized experiences, organizations are partnering with IBM to deploy technologies like Watson which helps them to address this need efficiently.

There are many Watson APIs available in the language, speech, vision and data insights space with a few particularly noteworthy. APIs like Alchemy Language, Personality Insights and Tone Analyzer provide traits and qualities of the interacting customer.

Watson APIs can be used across industries and help companies in customer support function through chat, voice, mails, and social media.  Chatbot quickly respond to the customer queries 24/7. Chatbot not only reduces the human intervention but also reduces the TAT as compared to a human response. It responds to the customer by analysing all the possible solutions and comes out with the most appropriate solution based on factors like customer interests, personality, location, other demographic details and business type.

Using Watson APIs companies can ensure, a quick, reliable, and efficient response, hence increasing customer satisfaction.

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