About Us


Two defining features of today’s businesses are “Change & Growth”. Change with regard to business strategies, markets, products, technologies, people, customers and their expectations. Growth which is driven by globalized market place. Companies that emerge leaders build business processes that are fast, flexible and innovative and help them stay ontop of these ever evolving challenges.

SoftPath Technologies delivers IT solutions to ever evolving business challenges. We offer expertise in the area of Application Modenization, Business Process Management, Workflow and Case Management, Application Integrations and SOA. We help our clients optimize cost, increase revenue, improve customer retention and increase customer satisfaction. Irrespective of our client’s industry, we are diven by twin objectives of making their business “optimized and efficient”.

SoftPath Technologies’ unique “solution-centric” approach is more holistic as it combines both “IT” and “People” centric approaches and is driven by a team of experts from varied verticals, business consulting and IT. This is combined with industry best practices, frameworks and tools.

SoftPath Technologies’ partners with clients to re-engineer and automate their core Business Processes, streamline their IT Infrastructure Management by devising industry best practices and integrate their scattered & heterogeneous IT Application Infrastructure, by providing Application Integration and SOA solutions.

SoftPath Technologies has offices in US, UK, Canada and India which helps leverage global delivery model.

For more details, please visit us at www.softpathtech.com


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