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Increased customer satisfaction with IBM Watson

Organizations strive hard to maintain the competitive advantage they have over their competitors. It is difficult to predict what exactly affects their business as there are too many factors involved. The well known and most common are regulations, macroeconomics and

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Will 2016 be the year of Cognitive Computing?

David Burton, Head of Analytics at Innovative Enterprises, writing for his company’s on-line channel tries to answer if this year could be the year of cognitive computing. The reason he believes this is because of the huge investments companies like IBM

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Integrate IBM Watson with your application for better analytics.

Watson consists of Cognitive computing and big data analytics. Cognitive computing is different from mathematical computing. Watson learns unstructured data which is 80% data, literature, blogs, tweets etc. It reads, interprets and understands contexts like a human mind. It finds the

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BPM + Mobile + Cognitive computing capabilities – next BIG wave?

Organizations medium to large who have successfully implemented BPM and reaping its benefits today need to ask themselves whether they are equipped with mobile and cognitive computing capabilities which is the next big wave in customer acquisition and customer service.

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