Will 2016 be the year of Cognitive Computing?

David Burton, Head of Analytics at Innovative Enterprises, writing for his company’s on-line channel tries to answer if this year could be the year of cognitive computing. The reason he believes this is because of the huge investments companies like IBM

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Chatbot – your customer conversations, automated.

Continuing from my previous post, Bots – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, I would like to specifically look at chatbot or talkbots which are likely to make its presence felt in the coming days. You might have heard

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BOTs – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Among all the stories about the Pokémon Go craze recently, one was about a player who was curious about the level progression in the game and thought it prudent to deploy a software “Bot” to churn up as much experience

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Emerging trends in enterprise mobility.

Writing for the Network World, Linda Musthaler – principal analyst with Essential Solutions Corp expounds on the four major trends in enterprise mobility whose impact will be hard to ignore in the coming years. This after talking to Ojas Rege,

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A business case for Hybrid Cloud.

In their strategy to pursue a viable business technology CEOs of today’s global enterprises are tasking their CIOs to evaluate if aggregation of existing IT infrastructure with a cloud services can lead to the creation of optimal blended IT environment

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Enterprise Mobility Management – MaaS360 a one stop solution for enterprises’ EMM requirements

Mobility has become a part of organizations strategic planning as they started realizing its capabilities in changing the way their businesses operate. It offers a mutually beneficial scenario for organizations and its employees. While the former will have access to a wealth

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Enterprise content management, today’s outlook.

ECM has become extremely important for organizations across industries over the years. ECM technology platforms like information management, business intelligence/business analytics, archiving, image processing or any other integrated technologies help organizations use available information in business decision making. Apart from

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